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Would you like to learn Portuguese quickly? Follow a customized course at Pomegranate Institute and you will be speaking sooner than you anticipated. Whether you are planning to do business, or travel regularly for professional or personal reasons, you will learn to communicate effectively.

Interesting Facts to Consider

The Portuguese language is especially spoken in Brazil, where the focus is on expressing yourself rather than following tons of grammar rules, making it the ideal learner’s language. By learning this language, you will be setting yourself apart from the rest by strengthening your CV and improving your chances of future job prospects.

But all work and no play would be a waste of your newly-acquired language skill. Speaking at least some basic Portuguese will allow you to access the real Portuguese culture. Our language trainers come from Portuguese-speaking countries and can give you helpful tips on their culture. So, join our classes and begin this fun course.

Types of Portuguese Language Courses

Basic Course Information

Basic courses in Portuguese help you communicate with others and understand the language better.

Independent Course Information

On completion of the independent level course you will be able converse confidently on various topics.

Proficient Course Information

By the end of the proficient level, you will understand Portuguese completely and be able to express yourself in the language.

Cost of Portuguese Courses


Group - AED 1450

Semi Private - AED 2,500

Private - AED 4,700


Group - AED 1250

Semi Private - AED 2000

Private - AED 4000

Students' Testimonials

We have decided as a family to relocate to Portugal and it was a new beginning for us. Pomegranate did a great job with the whole family and now we’re no longer afraid about the language barrier
I had to pass a Brazilian Portuguese level test to enter the University in Brazil. Thanks to the supportive team at Pomegranate, I’ve aced the exam

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