Learn American / Arabic/ British Sign Language

There are lots of reasons to learn at least one of the many sign languages existent around the world. Explore the right way to communicate effectively with family and friends who are deaf or hearing-impaired.
Sign with your partner, friend or child. The silent form of communication that speaks a thousand words. Sign language can open doors to new employment opportunities or take your career to the next level.

Why Learn Sign Language?

Sign Language develops awareness and sensitivity to the deaf culture. It also provides cultural enrichment and is the best means of fostering understanding between people who are hard of hearing and those who are not. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to identify the question and challenge one’s own cultural assumptions, values, and perspectives to contribute positively to society. Sign Language can help a toddler in recognizing words if they are connected to a sign. Every parent knows that young children love movement and actions. Studying Sign Language opens possibilities for meeting deaf people at work or in the community. You can gain access to deaf art, science, music, literature, and film.

Our skilled instructors make learning sign language fun and easy with classes designed to accommodate busy adults. If you plan to learn ASL, BSL or Arabic Sign Language, do consider taking your classes with a friend, so you’ll have a partner to practice with during the rest of the week.

Types of Sign Language Courses

Basic Course Information

Basic courses in Sign Language help you communicate with others and understand the language better.

Independent Course Information

On completion of the independent level course you will be able converse confidently on various topics.

Proficient Course Information

By the end of the proficient level, you will understand Sign Language completely and be able to express yourself in the language.

Cost of Sign Language Courses


Group - AED 1450

Semi Private - AED 2,500

Private - AED 4,700


Group - AED 1250

Semi Private - AED 2000

Private - AED 4000

Students' Testimonials

I was looking for a place where I could learn ASL for a long time and Pomegranate Institute gave me that opportunity. Now I can communicate with deaf people! So excited for the next level!
I got interested in Sign Language when I was traveling with my sister to London. We were having dinner in a crowded place and couldn’t hear each other and at the next table was a couple signing and it looked as if they were in a very intense conversation. As soon as we landed in Dubai we went for BSL classes at Pomegranate Institute. We have we just finished level 2.

How to Register for Sign Language Courses

Fill in the registration form

Complete the online placement test

Visit us at the institute to do the speaking test

Pay for your course (Online payment available. Please ask reception if interested)

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