Our language challenge is up & running!

How it works:
Each month, one of our pom-team members chooses one language of his/her choice. So, for one month the chosen language Ambassador will advertise the language, its culture & all that comes with it.

How you benefit:
We will announce & launch one special course for this language at a pomtastic price. So run for it to speak away!

Watch out for:

The language course has an attractive price tag of AED 1000 . So, hurry and book your seat.

“Istanbul is inspiring because it has its own code of architecture, literature, poetry, music.” – Christian Louboutin

Turkish Language Course

Course starting date: 26-November-18   Schedule: Sunday To Thursday (7pm to 9pm)

Turkish is your ticket to get around an absolutely stunning country. Most ‘Turks’ are pleasantly surprised to discover someone learning Turkish, so much so that they will show you respect for making a sincere effort. Turkish is a hidden gem in the realm of exotic languages. Indeed, many Turks will not expect tourists to speak any Turkish. So, use this to your advantage and make someone’s day when you travel to Turkey, by saying ‘merhaba’ (hello). Despite the language barrier, Turkey has some of the nicest and most hospitable people around.

By the end of the Basic Level you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Day to day conversation
  • Talk about yourself, your family, friends and others
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Compose and comprehend messages
  • Speak about various topics
  • Communicate routine tasks
  • Understand and reply to most frequently used expressions
From: 26-November-18
To: 09-Decmber-18
Schedule: Sunday To Thursday
Timing: 7pm to 9pm
Price : AED 1000


Did You Know

Some cool facts about the Turkish Language
Easy To Learn
Turkish is actually easy to learn.
Popular Tourist Destination
is the third commonly taught language worldwide after English and French.
Surnames in Turkey
Most Turks did not have surnames until a law was passed requiring it in 1934.


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